View Full Version : Brother MFC-L2700DW Print Issue

Qui-Gon John
11-17-17, 10:40 AM
Helping someone who has this Brother Laser. They often print Address Labels on a Label Sheet. Because they only do a few at a time, they put the same label sheet thru multiple times, until it is all used up. When they first got the printer, they had no problem. But now, (about 2 years later), after a few times of putting the sheet thru to print labels, there are many dark spots on the sheet, and it winds up not being usable. So they have to discard it before they printed all the labels. So far I cleaned the drum surface and also the corona wire. It seems better, but still might be leaving a very faint residue. If this gets too bad, she will try a new drum next. Other than this, can anyone give any other suggestions, especially if a new drum does not resolve the issue? Thanks!

11-18-17, 04:52 PM
It is either the toner/cartridge getting old or the drum. If the spots are at regular intervals, it is some imperfection on one of the rollers or the imaging drum. Random ones are either old toner, dirt, or some stale aftermarket toner that is damp I think. I'd try to wipe off any excess toner from the cartridge, change the toner cartridge, then worry about the drum.