View Full Version : I might need a new system

12-04-15, 09:25 PM
Since I can't dial down as to what is actually wrong with my computer I'm thinking of just starting from scratch. Sometimes it won't even boot to the BIOS and then sometimes everything works fine and then about 5 - 15 minutes into a session the thing just freezes and will only come back with a hard reboot.

Before a new build I'm going to try a new PSU. I have one sitting around so we'll try that first. I've reset the BIOS but I still get lock ups during a session. If I do start a session and things go good I just leave the computer on. I can then leave it on forever and never experience any lockups or malfunctions. Once it's running ok it seems to stay that way.

I thought maybe the video drivers but that doesn't explain the thing not wanting to boot to the bios. I also thought that maybe it was a bad C drive corrupting something. The C drive is a new Raptor. My only other thoughts are to try and reinstall Windows and go from there. I'd really prefer not to spend the money on a new system but if I do...

If non of these solutions work I would like to start a new build. I need...

1. Motherboard
2. Memory
3. Video Card
4. SSD for boot drive.

My monitor is 1920 x 1080. Please advise a good (not great) gaming card. I will be playing some of the new FPS stuff that's out.

What spec of a motherboard should I be looking at? DDR4 Memory? CPU, Intel i5 or 7 range for gaming and running Adobe Lightroom.

12-05-15, 12:38 PM
I'd go with an i5, Nvidia 970 or 960 depending on budget, for a SSD I'd grab a samsung 850pro. No idea on the latest with memory or motherboards, Im a fan of crucial and G Skill for memory though.