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08-05-15, 11:51 AM
I live in Denver, Colorado, and have had Qwest and then CenturyLink for years. Right now I'm stuck with CenturyLink for my home DSL. My monthly rate went from $27 to DOUBLE that in June. I called their customer service, who then transferred me to the retention group. After a LONG hold period, they agreed to restore my old rate. They lied. My most recent bill was with the new doubled rate. I called them again, and they said that they could do a $21 plan with automatic billpay (which I won't do), or $31. But not the rate that we agreed on.

I called a useless local rep named Karen, but haven't heard back. I then wrote to an executive vice president at CenturyLink. Some idiot in their Idaho office wrote back and said the usual "valued customer" ********. Yup, they double the rates of their valued customers. And then they lie to their customers.

I filed a complaint against them with the FCC, not that that will do any good.

Anyway, I'm not paying the bill and am looking for an alternative to CenturyLink. They truly suck!

08-05-15, 12:05 PM
I honestly don't understand why people do not do a quick search before posting.


08-05-15, 12:17 PM
I bet there are a lot of things that you don't understand, RaisinCain.

08-05-15, 02:55 PM
I bet you do a lot of trolling. Go away.

08-05-15, 06:31 PM
I honestly don't understand why people post useless information and then whine about it.

08-06-15, 07:38 AM
So I do your research for you, provide a link with the results and you bitch about it?

10-03-15, 04:55 PM
I had CenturyLink too for years. I bumped up to 40mbs and still got 10mbs. My daughter had the same issues. I switched to Comcast and it was like going from dial up to DSL. They have a ton of price levels and if you have a child at home you can get basic internet for $9.95 ( I only found this in a brochure at a Comcast Store in Denver- they even sell computers on this program for $189). Anyway go to Comcast website and pick a speed. I had their 50mbs tier and was getting 125mbs. This week I signed up for their triple play package and had to downgrade the speed to 50mbs. I am using that now and it is more than enough for smooth internet and steaming media to my tv upstairs. Good luck.

10-20-16, 03:22 PM
The bad news is, it's likely your only other internet provider in Denver [link removed by admin] is going to be Comcast - and their reputation for customer service is unfortunately worse than CenturyLink's even... Let me know if you found any other alternatives though.