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05-13-00, 05:23 PM
I had five machines networked at home. All sharing one @home connection. Using Win2K ICS (running server version) to provide sharing services. Needed to do VPN to work, so...bought a 10/100 switch, plugged two machines into the switch and the cable modem into the uplink port. One machine connected to the switch is the server (2 NICs, one to switch and other to 10Mbps hub running ICS) the other is a PC running 98 (which I use the VPN client s/w on. (Also, bought 2nd IP address).

The problem:When accessing PC to server, response times are pitiful, and they are both on the same 10/100 switch. The IP addresses are on different subnets, with different masks. I can make the connection using the IP or name of the server (after using the hosts or lmhosts files), but trying to copy files between the server and PC is very slow. Any ideas why or what might be wrong?

05-13-00, 07:18 PM
Using TCP/IP, they're probably going out and back in in order to communicate

I have a similar setup:

Modem plugged into switch uplink port
NIC #1 of Linux box into switch
Cable/DSL router plugged into switch
all other computers plugged into router
NIC #2 of Linux box plugged into the router

My computers communicate with each other via the router, not the switch

In your case, I'd say try putting a second NIC into the "PC" that is by itself, then plug that into the hub; don't bind File and Print Sharing to NIC #1 of either of the two computers plugged into the switch. Also, don't plug in a gateway for NIC #2 of the "PC"; it may try using ICS to get its internet if you do!

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