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11-21-13, 07:42 PM
Cisco Cable Modem DPC2100r2

I think I changed something on my connection configurations settings last night, and now my internet suddenly stopped working, (I'm pretty upset with myself for messing with things I don't know about, I was just trying to see why my laptop only works when I connect the Ethernet cable directly and not with wifi I concluded that the problem is probably just my laptop because wifi worked fine with my phone and pad ) when I log on to I notice it states "Access Denied" and now my modem lights just blink in a pattern all together. any idea on how I can please fix this? I own my modem and router, I also noticed that my firmware is dpc2100rx-v202r1256-120710Uas. Having tech support come out will cost me way more than my monthly bill alone, thanks in advance really need help.