View Full Version : How do I share a single IP on my home LAN??

Joe Mac
05-10-00, 09:41 AM
I have DSL service with a single IP address. My DSL modem is attached to a hub with 4 computers. How can I make the IP address available to the every computer on LAN?? Is there hardware/software available to accomplish this task? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


PS - I applied for a 2nd IP, so eventually I will have 4 PCs with 2 IP's on my LAN.


05-10-00, 09:47 AM
I think a hardware router is the best bet. You can always do the PC router with 2 NICs (e.g. Wingate, Sygate, & Linux).

Check out www.timhiggins.com (http://www.timhiggins.com) for more information on hardware routers.

05-13-00, 03:36 PM
Windows 98SE will allow you to add internet connection sharing easily. It works well. This will require the computer which will have the DSL line connected to it to have 2 NIC cards. One for the LAN and one for the DSL. My DSL(Telocity) didn't like 100mps Linksys card. Telocity suggested that I buy a 10mps card for the DSL which would make it easily discernable from the 100mps LAN/NIC card. Make sure your LAN is up and running first (if I set up the DSL first the LAN/networking knocks out the DSL) After installing the second NIC card, set up your DSL line on it. Once the DSL line is set up you will have to add "Internet connection sharing). Go into "Add/Remove Programs" select the "Windows setup" tab, then select "Internet Tools", then check "Internet Connection Sharing" select "OK" or "Apply". More than likley, you will be prompted for the Windows98 disc and you will need a blank floppy. Once your computer does it's song and dance you will have to run the disc you have just created in the other 3 machines. Before doing so make sure the DSL is working on the DSL connected computer. Reboot if necessary. Run the disc you have created on the other three machinces(Non-DSL connected computers). On the Non-DSL machines you may also have to go to Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet options/connections/setup to get IE pointed to the shared connection(in this case you want to select "Connect via LAN"). Also note the first time you use IE it will find the very first page rather slowly. Since we're talking Win98 make sure you reboot LOL.

05-22-00, 02:28 PM
Hi there, My setup is very basic. I have a (My Dad's) PC Win95 and a Macintosh G3 Powerbook 500mhz connected to a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router from http://www.outpost.com . It cost me $169 with FREE overnight delivery. You can share one IP with up to 253 computers. Not bad at all. I have a 5260 Modem from SWBELL connected to the Router and the two computers connected to the router with cat5 cabling. Now my next set is to share my dad's laser print (HP 1100) to the router using a print server. Well that its. Talking about basic huh.

05-24-00, 10:38 PM
One thing you have to always remember, is that anytime you use software internet sharing (ICS) is that the SERVER or "host" computer has to be on, as well as the "client"... With a hardware router, only the modem, router, and client has to be turned on... The router acts as a HOST...