View Full Version : Need Help With ICS

05-08-00, 10:11 PM
I have tried to set up ICS to share my @home connection with 1 other computer, and have had no luck.
I am using a crossover cable between the two, with 2 nic's installed in the machine connected to the cable modem.
I can see the client machine, but the client can not see the server. has any one else had this problem, and if so what am I doing wrong?
Please help

05-09-00, 06:22 PM
You have to configure ICS properly. The NIC that's connected to the cable modem needs to be shared.

05-11-00, 02:52 PM
Try this if you haven't already:

On each machine, go to network properties and double-click on the tcp/ip protocol bound to the NIC used for the LAN ("TCP/IP -> <adapter name>"). Give the server a static ip of and the client a static ip of Reboot both and then try pinging one from the other. If ping works both ways, uninstall ICS on the server, reboot, be sure you have only MS Client (if file and print sharing), the network adapter(s) and tcp/ip bound to each adapter in network properties, and then reinstall ICS using the wizard to set things up.