View Full Version : Networking Config Error and Sygate too!

05-06-00, 06:05 PM
I decided I wanted to network my 2 home PCs and also use Sygate to take advantage of the installed cable modem.

I bought two Netgear NICs (FA310TX) and 50' of Cat5 network cable.

I installed the NICs succesfully, but I'm having trouble configuring the network.

For the server PC (w/ the cable modem) I manually assigned an IP address of and a subnet mask of

For the client I manually assigned an IP address of and the same subnet mask.

I was unsure if it was necessary to create a workgroup under the "Identification" tab in Network props, but I did and both PCs are set for the same workgroup.

The Network control panel for both PCs looks right (ie. TCP/IP is installed and bound to the proper adapter).

But, the computers still cannot find each other on the Network.

The PC w/ the cable modem has a NIC in addition to the one intended for use of the network so I'm wondering if there might be multi-homing problems.

Sygate did not work for the same reason that the PCs were not able to find each other on the Network.

I suspect it's a software/config error; does anyone have any suggestions?

05-06-00, 10:08 PM

You stated that you bought 50' of cable. You made no mention of a switch or hub! You can't connect 2 computers together using regular cable. If you don't want to buy a switch or hub, you need a crossover cable. This type reverses wires 1-3 and 2-6, so that the receive on one end is connected to the transmit on the other.

Otherwise, get a switch. You'll get much better performance than with just a crossover cable or a hub.