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05-03-00, 01:24 PM
DSL links to Hub/switch, PC#1 links to hub and has software installed. PC#2,3,4 link to hub, but can't access DSL.
How can I allow all PCs to access DSL at same time? All PCs running Win98, all have NIC cards and all hooked up to same hub/switch.

DSL---->Hub---->PC#1,2,3,4. Only PC#1 can access DSL.

Thanks in advance.

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05-04-00, 04:11 PM
Get a router. Win 98 Internet Connection Sharing will slow everything down and doesn't work well.

05-07-00, 11:41 PM
On PC 1 you will need 2 NICS, one which the DSL modem will be connected into and the 2nd which will connect to the hub.