View Full Version : mac and pc lan with one cable modem

05-02-00, 10:40 PM
i need to share my one cable modem to both my Pc and MAC lan. roight now they are on their own lan and i have linux proxy server/firewall that i will use to shre my internet connection .. how would i go about doing it?

05-02-00, 10:50 PM
Just make sure you have TCP/IP and the latest version of OpenTransport for MAC. I have Windows, Linux, and MAC all sharing my cable modem.

Just assign the MAC an address such as, subnet, gateway the IP of the Linux box, and the DNS numbers from your ISP.

05-02-00, 10:52 PM
I did it using speedguide's little manual located in the 'Sharing Cable' section. But you need two NICs in the 'server', one for the cable and one for the network, one NIC in teh client, and some good proxy software that will separate the two NICs and their IP's. Then just have the proxy server know which IP is your outside(cable) and then assign IP's like 92.0.0.x to your other client or have the proxy software do it. PS, there is a good manual at www.winproxy.com (http://www.winproxy.com) for winproxy that tells you everything about doing the entire process. You can download it in acrobat format