View Full Version : Attaching a hub the the Linksys router

05-02-00, 03:05 PM
What is the best way to hook up a hub to the router to add a fifth computer? Port to port? Uplink from hub to port? Any other ways that would be better? Also, which cabling would be needed for each. Crossover, straight through.
Right now I have it hub port to router port with a crossover cable, seems to work. Just wanting to make sure that is the best way. Also, I have a 10mb nic, and have it set to half-duplex. For some reaosn half of the time the router show it to be in full-duplex. Other times it boots to half-duplex, and out of nowhere after a few minutes, it shows it to be in full-duplex. Any reasons why would be appreciated also. Although it seems to cause no problems that I can see.
Thanks for those who may help me.