View Full Version : Linksys router + Pacbell Basic

04-30-00, 11:45 PM
Just got Pacbell Basic DSL and would like to use the Linksys router to share the line with 3 computers. Pacbell has me logging on with software to use the DSL. Is there anyway to set the log-on inside the Linksys box. I've tried the PPPoE settings and only get a disconnected error in the "Status" section of the router. I've also upgraded to 1.22 on the router.

Tom H
05-01-00, 05:51 PM
To start with, go to the router configuration screen by entering the address and password given in the manual.

1) Enter your hosts name in Domain Name box, as in www.yourprovider.com (http://www.yourprovider.com)

2) Obtain IP Automaticly.

3) Enable PPPoE and enter your user name and password.

4) Go to the Status tab and click connect. The screen will refresh a few times and you should be connected. DO NOT USE THE CONNECTION SOFTWARE THAT CAME WITH YOUR PROVIDER!! The router will handle the log on for you.

If your still haveing problems connecting, turn off the modem for a few moments and turn it back on. Repeate step 4. If this dosen't work you probably have a problem somewhere else in your network.

Large downloads can be corupted with this router for some reason. Let us know how yours does.