View Full Version : NAT vs. Proxy

04-30-00, 12:12 PM
I'm planning on networking 2 PCs w/ Win 98 (not SE) to take advantage of my Road Runner Cable modem.

I think I'm going to use a proxy b/c it looks like its got better options and is more reliable/stable. I've been warned away from
WinGate, which leaves WinProxy.

Has anyone had any experience with WinProxy?

Alternatively, can anyone point me to any resources about NAT vs. Proxy that can make a
convincing argument for NAT?

04-30-00, 08:48 PM
For ease of installation and minimum downtime, I use NAT. Proxy server is a little tedious to configure and maintain.

05-01-00, 07:10 AM
NAT is basically a subset of Proxy. Briefly, it can be easier to implement, but has less features, and is not quite as secure. It does add a measure of security though, and IS preferable to running a wide open system.

I'm also a roadrunner customer. If you're using MAC authentication, you may want to check out the ZyXEL p310 router. I use it, and it works well, plus it has hardware firewall features for extra security.


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