View Full Version : MSN Gaming Zone and Network Problems With DSL

04-29-00, 04:32 PM
okay i am having some problems with the MSN Gaming Zone. I am using wingate to access my dads DSL internet but when i go into a lobby and try to join or host a game it says connection to the Zone server terminated. I know that i cant host on a network but what i am wondering is why i cant even join a game on the Zone. I have tried IP joins and they work. Okay then i went to this site: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q159/0/31.asp It gives me some help with my problem but i dont know how to open TCP ports with wingate. So if anyone knows out there plz plz i need help. I will be online on ICQ and Zonefriends. My email is Darth_Maul_TPM@hotmail.com. ICQ is 39330697. My zone name is DSC_Maverick7. I need someone to get me gonig in the right path and has used wingate and has maybe even expienced these kinds of problems. Oh and by the way. The Network cards we are using are Homelinksys and a Netgear. Thanks a lot.