View Full Version : Linksys Router & Duplex

04-29-00, 04:42 PM
I have two computers on the BEFSR41. One holds the FULL/COL light on solid the other one does not light it. If both are plugged into the router neither can get to the internet. Both can get IP addresses from the Linksys DHCP server. Unplug the one with the solid light and the other one can get out to the net. Plug in only the one that holds the light FULL/COL light on solid (full duplex I presume) and it will not get to the internet.

Any Ideas? I don't know how to set up full duplex on the PC side so this new HP computer apparently came with it set that way.


05-07-00, 07:15 PM
To change your full/half duplex settings, you should be able to do it through the control panel/network. Just click your nic, and go to advance. I don't know the make of nic you have, so I don't know if yours will have that setting. Also, try giving your computer its own address,instead of the dhcp. It may help with the connection, and it seems easier to control your network that way. Even though it will probably give you the same Ip each time.