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oh great. nice reply.

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Yeah odd spammer there I canned.
Anyways...I used to, loved it. Have had 3x Jeeps. First two....I modified, especially the first one. I went through 2 lift kits on it (both 4")...did custom made front and rear drive shafts, anti sway bar disconnects, extended stainless steel braided front brake lines (for long articulation from those disconnects). Did some engine 'n exhaust mods. Had a set of white wagon wheels with 33" Super Swamper 8x ply offroad tires I'd slap on when driving to some good trail runs with the clubs.

Used to belong to some 4x4 and Jeep offroad clubs, we'd do organized trail runs up mountains...in my state (Connecticut), as well as over in New York, Mass, Vermont, New Hampshire. Was a lot of fun. Good organized trail runs on old fire roads in the mountains, done with permission, tread lightly, respect the environment. Trail runs were setup based on vehicle mods and skill levels...trail rides rated lie 1-4 for stock vehicles and new people, 5-7 for lightly modified and some skill, and 8-10 for extreme modified and experienced.
Great people to ride with, they really worked to help you get the most out of your experience when on a trail ride. Difficult sections like a rock climb..they have spotters along the way that guided you into properly navigating up the cliff, telling you to turn hard here..goose it there, let off here, go careful here, don't worry about that noise..it's just the skidplate doing its job, etc. Great times! I miss it.

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Heres my ride. Toyota tough... 35 boggers... soon to be solid axle and doubler plus 40" LTBs

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Nice rides... What did you do to the last one, seemed kinda chewed up ;)

09-26-15, 04:41 PM
Chewed up indeed, many whiskey dents. I blew a front axle shaft and parked it for over a year until i got the grey one. I built the grey one up to its current form, and I then stole the motor from the red one and put it in the grey one... She smokes real good after many hours of bouncing off the rev limiter, but is better than the turd it had.

how have you been philip? hows the site doing?