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04-28-00, 12:58 AM
I got the DSL promo, the box came with the stuff, no tech, I got tired of waiting so I hooked it all up myself cause I already had a NIC. The DSL modem has 4 green lights that are steady all the time(everything's ok). I just need to figure out how to log on to the internet with it. I tried using EnterNet300, but I'm too stupid. I've tried ALMOST everything..please help me out.

04-28-00, 07:06 AM
Please check posts in DSL & Cable

05-16-00, 02:25 PM
If you are using pacbell.

Run the setup for Enternet 300, just click next until it's done installing. Once you reboot after install there should be a Enternet 300 icon on your desktop. Login using


goto https://secure.pacbell.net/dyndsl

You will need your
order # and customer Id #