View Full Version : Looking for New ISP in the IE, besides AT&T

11-14-12, 08:15 PM
Hello all, I want to thank you in advance for trying to help me with my problem finding a ISP in the IE.

Well where do I begin ahh with a little history. We had AT&T in the past for years DSL (or ADSL) and I went through several modems. Then had U-Verse for a while till my house mate got sick. I ended up cancelling due to cost at the time (full blown services were too much $$). Later, got earthlink (resold AT&T) which was fair service but expensive at 30.00 per mo. compared to less for basic DSL from AT&T (I think).

I tried SmartRiverside for a while but it seems slow unless I have a 130.00 antenna. I even tried Charter cable as well with another high price per mo. (40.00) But the last service was Earthlink ADSL. The other house mate ordered U-Verse and that bumped my Earthlink off due to technology difference. Now I am forced to use U-Verse or go into another ISP than AT&T (they really pissed me off by cutting me off like that)

Here is the question at this time (running low on time at the library - sorry ) I dont want ATT anymore and Cable (charter is a bit rich for me is there anyother choice for me now other than Charter cable? They have a hefty 90.00 install fee. I have heard about other services like cellular wireless Connections but they are more expensive (DATA charges you know) I am thinking about buying the SmartRiverside Antenna to receive a better signal and such, but I have no user reviews of that service that I can find??? There is the 30 day return garantee if not satisfied. One more thing I may be looking into a new celphone service for the coming year if that makes any difference.