View Full Version : Napster and Metallica, I need a loophole

05-12-00, 02:44 PM
I am a big Napster fan, have been using it since the first beta was realeased. But today I get home, hoping to download some new songs, but it seems as though I have been banned. I try to reload the prog and delete my Metallica. But I can't seem to get access. My last resort would be to fill out the little waiver that says I didn't do it, but of course I really don't want to be sued. If anyone knows any possible loopholes for a person with a cable modem to get back on napster please post them here.

05-16-00, 09:56 AM

There's a post in the cable modem topics. Also, stop listening to those ******s. Metallica blows, and have since '85.

05-16-00, 01:19 PM
I had the same problem bieng banned that is. Goto www,maximumpc.com and enter the forum area there are tons of topics on this one of them (can't remember whitch) has a registry key that needs to be removed then you will be back in just do not do any searches for Metallica or download any of thier stuff and you will be ok till napster is removed from the net alltogether