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05-10-00, 07:29 AM
I am using Earthlink/Sprint 1.5mb/384k service and *I think* my ping times are terrible compared to what everybody else gets and what I used to get with 128k ISDN. My pings range from 90-120ms, usually at around 110ms. I also show anywhere from 0-25% packet loss and this is at any time of day. I am on a static IP and I use an external SpeedTouch Home Alcatel modem. Is this about average for this type of connection or am I being screwed?
I called Sprint this morning to see if I could change from Earthlink to a different ISP and they basically said "NO". I also asked them about the high ping times and the 25% packet loss and they said that as long as the ping is under 200ms they won't do anything. She also made a comment that packet loss doesn't matter to them.

If I had a choice I would switch to cable or another DSL provider, but currently Sprint is the only company here in Southwest Florida to offer any type of Broadband service. Help!

BTW, I have applied the necessary "tweaks" and I get about 1255Kb/s throughput, that equals out to about 150KB/s.

05-13-00, 09:44 AM
Although Mindspring is now merged with earthlink. I just left earthlink to join Mindspring for their DSL services. They are very similar but Mindspring is more reliable. I get 25-30 ping on my TRIBES games and i can host 24 player servers now. Look at them: www.mindspring.com/mindspringmax (http://www.mindspring.com/mindspringmax)

Im sure you will be happy, too :}

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-13-00, 09:47 AM
(I do think mindspring is sprint too now, but ms's dsl is alot more elder and advanced than eln's.(EarthLink Network). I still love eln for their tech support tho http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif)

-BuggY (NoOneBeatsTheBest!)

05-22-00, 11:18 PM
I get 90 to 110 pings on earthlinks dial up.
that's a 56 modem....so it would seem that
mabey you are not close to the main box. I think the closer the better. My brother has a cable modem and gets 33 pings. My input.
I am getting a DSL but have to wait for installation. I will let you know when it gets here.