View Full Version : I'm stuck playing QUAKE 1 forever.

05-09-00, 10:54 PM
Let me tell you a story my little baby brothers. Once upon a time there was a boy who saved and saved and saved his dirty pennies in order to buy a gaming PC. Well, In April 1997. This boy did indeed buy a computer from Micron. He paid $2,800 for a Pentium 200MMX with 32MB and a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000. Well, He found he needed more horsepower and so he saved and saved and saved. Then he bought 32MB additional RAM and a Canopus Pure 3D Voodoo 1. Well, this boy was already up to over $3,000. Now today , This boy's computer is the laughing stock of his village. And you know what? He's stuck with this worthless excuse for a machine. All he can play now is Quake 1 and a few other titles. Isn't that cute story my bretheren?