View Full Version : Half Life + Win2K Pro

05-09-00, 07:59 PM
I am running Halflife Opposing Force on my win2k Pro Full version box with 128 meg ram PII400, and I get a Net_GetPacket WSAENOTSOCK error ...I have seen other people get the same error but haven't been able to figure out why except for maybe it needing IPX even though it is supposed to run on tcp/ip too. Any suggestions? I have all the latest game patches drivers etc.


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05-10-00, 07:18 AM
That error happens for me anywhere from a few hours into the game to half a day into the game, and doesn't always happen. Too random for me to tell what it is. Along with some other Halflife bugs that kick me back to desktop, I just reload HL and get back in the game.

05-10-00, 07:48 AM
Yeah that is what I do too. However I did read on another Forum that Sierra's next HL patch will fix it.