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05-07-00, 06:33 PM
Ok, I have a P2 333, 320 mb ram(pc66), and Asdl 640/90k. I know 90k is not alot to host, but i cannot host even 4-6 people. I have read maybe my processor may be holding me back. I have tweaked the registry with a patch found on sppedguide. It helped with the bandwidth and have noticed a nice difference in download and upload speed. Is there a way to allocate more proccessor power to host?

05-07-00, 07:48 PM
Half-Life recommends 3K (24 kilobits) upstream per player.

Unreal Tournament recommends 28.8 kilobits upstream per player.

Do the math for maxplayers.

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05-10-00, 07:11 AM
I host with @home cable on my spare puter.. which is a p2 333 also.
I am stuck w/128 up limit on cable. Depending on the game, 3-4 players is about the max for decent game play. You need much more than 90 up to run a server.