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05-05-00, 10:06 PM
Come check out my UT server.

Hostname: Gastronomical UT
Maxplayers: 5 (@Home 16K upstream cap)
version: 413 (Linux) + bonus pack

Server is on most of the time. @Home cable and Pacific Bell DSL guys tend to get the best pings to me.

If any of you guys need help setting up a UT dedicated server (Linux or Windows), just post that here; I'll be glad to help. In case you don't know, UT has a very nice built-in browser-based remote control feature. Just type in the server's IP and port address in a web browser, then enter your username and password (kind of like the Linksys router), and you have nearly total control of the server: change maps, add/remove maps or mutators, kick/ban players, whatever.

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05-11-00, 09:08 PM
Server now includes the Inoxx pack (http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10041-101-1841430.html?tag=st.dl.10001.sptlt_dlnow.10041-100-1841430&gid=62015).

08-31-01, 02:00 PM
Hi Monty.
Been reading through your posts, looking for some answers to some UT problems I'm having setting up a server. Maybe you can answer them for me.

I'm attempting to run a UT server behind a Linksys BEFSR81, and can't get the damn thing to advertise on the external IP address. I'm running Win2KAdvServ with Netgear FA310TX cards. The port fowarding is all set up on the router, and looking at the console log, the server gives it's IP as the internal 10.1.1.X. WTF?

Otherwise, I'm gonna be stuck securing (haha windows secure, yeah right...) this box external to the router, slapping some IPSec and a firewall in it, adding RIP and forcing it to proxy the internet to my internal network (not something I want to do.) I can be reached at darcrist@chaosmatrix.net if it's too lengthy for a post.

BTW, nice website.