View Full Version : GameZone gives me the boot

05-05-00, 02:49 PM
I have been playing Motocross Madness on the Zone for some time now. I used to have a USR 56k modem that worked ok for the most part. Now that I have gotten GTE WorldWind Cablemodem (LanCity modem), I have had trouble staying connected. I make it thru the initial launching of the game, where everyone has to ready up for the game to start. When the host starts the game, 8/10 times, I get booted back to the main lobby. I have been everywhere for advice and have gotten no help. I even reformated and installed all the latest drivers and a new NIC (3Com EtherLink XL). I still get the same problem, so I know it must have something to do with the Cablemodem. I have installed the registry tweaks, which helped download speeds, but did not change the gamming problems. Are there any more settings that should be made to improve online gamming with Cablemodems?