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05-04-00, 12:04 PM
can someone tell me what is considered a good ping?i do a lot of online racing and i get all kinds.i've had them at 50 but still had bad conn.should i stay between 100 to 125 help!!!

05-04-00, 12:34 PM
Ping is not the best indicator of online game performance. you should be looking more at packet loss(loss% in some games)and at ping stability. if the ping is bouncing all over the map (say from 50-100) then you will have issues. What you need for a good game is a steady data stream, I have been in games with a ping of 200+ and had nearly as smooth of performance as in games with <50 if the loss is low and the ping is stable.

05-04-00, 09:53 PM
what would be good so i would have little warp what would a good latency be.i noticed when i checked conn in game it said latency## and tot send### what should i be looking for i've had truoble 4 out of 5 weeks racin with conn probs any suggestions thanks for the help

05-04-00, 10:46 PM
I am not familiar with those terms being use in this context. What game is it that you are having problems with? I am more of a f.p.s. type of guy.

Usually the "latency" should be small and the "total send" should be big. What type of connection do you have?

05-05-00, 07:13 AM
i have cable and trying to get it to work up to par i find it runs very slow and downloads the same a friend told me about this site so i am still adding tweaks and patches.i play a lot on nascar3 so latency # should be low and totsend should be big?i'll give you an excample i copied last night.
latency:0.40(24) quality:101 totsend444 would this have been a good connection?

05-05-00, 10:00 PM
In my opinion, anything under 100 is good.

Keep in mind, different games figure that number differently. Example: Half-Life generally gives a higher number than say, Unreal Tournament. Half-Life calls it a latency number, not ping. HL figures in video, memory, CPU, etc.

Just because you get a low number doesn't mean it will be great. One Half-Life server I connect to I usually get under 80 latency. Unfortunately, I usually get terrible packet loss. I'd rather have 150 latency and < 5% packet loss.

A friend of mine in town (on same @Home cable) gets a 46 latency to me in Half-Life and a 29 ping to me in Unreal Tournament. Almost like being on a LAN (nearly zero packet loss). All my gaming buddies in town should have cable by the end of summer. With such low numbers, LAN parties for us will be obsolete.

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05-05-00, 11:53 PM
***insert big shrug here***
You got me, I was just guessing based on what latency and total sent would normally be, you might want to look for someone who plays that game, or check with the manufacturer on what exactly those numbers mean.

All of the games which I have played use the common 2: ping and loss. stability is a judgment call. back to your original Question though, anything <200 should be very playable on most games.