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05-03-00, 12:11 PM
I writing to see if anyone has succesfully got the Battlecom software to 'host' sessions succesfully behind the Linksys BESFR41 router?

I have added my pc to the DMZ on the router. I also have forwarded ports 47624 and 2300-2305 to my pc. (Supposedly Battlecom uses DirectPlay and can use ports 2300-2400, but the explanation on Battlecom's website leads me to believe that only the first 5 ports are needed.) I have also changed my MaxMTU parameter to 1472, 1450, 1400, and even 576.

To date, I've been unsuccesful in hosting a Battlecom session. On the other hand, I was succesful in hosting a TeamSound session. (I haven't really tested the TeamSound setup enough yet to be comfortable that it is working solid.) Also, after setting my MaxMTU parameter to 1472, I am succesful in hosting Rogue Spear games too. But nothing I've tried allows Battlecom to work. Does anyone have any ideas they can share or know how to make this combo work?

Thanks for any info.

05-04-00, 10:50 AM
what about Q3 or UT? I am setting up a server and can't make up my mind about the router.

Do you use a dedicated box for the server?

05-04-00, 02:36 PM

i could not get a stable ut game server (dedicated or not) running using the linksys. what i mean by stable is i could get the server running and people would join but after about 5 minutes they would lose connection. never tried with quake3.

05-04-00, 03:36 PM
Waterpog, I'm afraid I haven't purchased Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament yet. So I've not had any experience with trying to set them up. Sorry I coudln't help.

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05-14-00, 06:53 PM
I remember a mention of Battlecom on the Linksys router page. They say what needs to be done. I don't know if it was about being a host though.