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05-02-00, 02:19 PM
OK, I have a Linksys Router and a cable modem. When I setup a Half Life undedicated server, WHAT IS THE IP ADDRESS OF THE SERVER?????? I haven't been able to figure this out for a while. I have the IP of the router and I also have the IP of the computer.

05-02-00, 08:18 PM
First, you need to forward port 27015 to the address of the LAN computer.

Second, the IP address will be the one assigned to you by your ISP.

Third, expect people to get booted off your server with an "illegible server message.'

05-03-00, 02:24 PM
OK, So how would I forward it to port 27015, and how would i keep people from getting booted?

05-09-00, 03:25 PM
can someone please tell me how!!!

05-09-00, 03:54 PM
I dont use a lynksys router I use a U-Gate 3000 but as I understand the setup is similar. Find out your local IP# if you use W98 then in start menu/run type winipconfig to find your ip. then go to your router address and config that IP as an exposed host that may clear up your problem

05-09-00, 11:00 PM
Right now, there's no way for them to not get booted. Maybe in a firmware update...

05-10-00, 12:14 PM

have you ran a game server through your ugate3000? if so, does it run without kicking people or have you experienced the same troubles as stated with the linksys router - clients loosing connections?