View Full Version : ugate3000 opinions wanted (game servers)

05-01-00, 12:42 PM

first off - yippie, i am no longer just a junior member. i am now a full member http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif note to self - ignore the fact that everybody became a full member.

the subject line pretty much says it all. i am looking for opinions on the ugate3000 router. especially using it to run a dedicated game server - i.e. unreal tournament.

i exhausted my efforts with the linksys and returned it. i was happy with the linksys except for this issue (running a dedicated game server). and, i don't think this is at the top of their priority list to fix. not that i blame them.

by the way, i did read the ugate3000 review by mr. mcdougall and found it very informative - thank you mr. mcdougall.