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05-01-00, 07:25 AM
hello everyone!
I was previously using wingate, which rocks but it took WAY too much configuration to play games(HL actually) over the net through LAN'ed machines, so i switched to SyGate.

Now whenever the Sygate engine is running, my HL(on server machine) cannot connect to even the WON servers to authenticate! when the engine is turned off, HL runs perfectly again? anyone know why this happens?

Oh, has anyone got HL to work on the net from a client machine on a LAN? what do u need to configure on the client and server machines? (i havent tested yet!)

what about playing through MS Windows98 internet connection sharing? does that work good? or only for web browsing?!

thx a lot everyone!

05-01-00, 08:59 AM
I run sygate and have NO problems.

not sure what to tell you

05-04-00, 04:06 AM
Ok if you are using more than one pc to connect to WON each pc will need a different half life cdkey. Sygate does work coz i just stoped playing. Now about playing on the client it will be able to host and join games fine if its got a half life cd key that is not in use by any other pc. Sygate requires no special configeration to play half life.