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04-30-00, 10:14 AM
I am pretty tired now, but after weeks of trying to do what Linksys support staff can not seem to do themselves, here is the problems I have been able to figure out. The fix that I did find help elimate about 3 major issues. Here was the issues.

1. Error MSG_GetSpace Overflow: Server dies etc. for q3a server.

2. Random Lag and Unwanted kicks from network games (ie Q3A).

3. Coruption of Data and files, especially larger ones. This one really ticked me off, lost a copy of Win ME 2513 build to it. gggrrrr dam linky.

Ok, so that is what I think I have fixed. After 24 hours of testing anyway, these things have gone away. The fix was looking at the router and seeing that the ports were plugged in at 100mb Full duplex. Most cards can not handle full duplex mode. We have found this at work that there is only a very few of the ethernet cards that can hold at 100mb full. Full duplex mode does not offer the two chatting devices to do flow control or error checking. Just full speed, blow it down the pipe at the other device networking, not a good thing in internet terms. At half duplex, this stuff comes into play and things are able to correct network problems. You are still at 100mb in half duplex, per 100mb full it actually 200 mb, 100 each way at the same time.

Anyway, the fix. If you look at linky and see a middle light for the port you are in, you are in full if it is lit. In windows 95/98 go to /start/settings/control panet/. Doubleclick networking icon. Find your card with the green icon on it and highlight properties. Under advanced tab, go to link speed/duplex. Change from Auto to 100 half duplex mode. You will have to reboot then.

Hope this helps everyone out.

Surfn Safari

04-30-00, 10:25 AM

See how this works, open up your mouth and insert foot. Right after posting the previous message, the server crashed with the MSG_Getspace Overflow. So that is not fully fixed but has been somewhat fixed with flow control of half duplex mode. Took 12 hours to crash rather than 30 minutes. I will continue to work on that one.

Surfn Safari

04-30-00, 02:29 PM
I hope you see my message regarding this same problem, your efforts will not go to waste, I have trouble on the client side of things..
I have an idea of making quake3 view the clients in the same way as quake1 and quake2
does this make sense, is this possible? I hope that this can help you,
(it would be great if this could all be solved by simple console commands)