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04-27-00, 06:32 PM
Does anyone know how to get HL dedicated servers to show up on The WON server list through a linksys cable router. I want to run a dedicated on one computer and connect with a networked computer and then have people over the net connect. Im not very good with most of this router stuff so could someone give a detailed discripition of how to fix this

04-27-00, 07:07 PM
Sounds like you need to configure server machine through the DMZ, under advanced options. This should allow unrestricted access to the net in both directions. Check this site...much useful info on Linksys Router. http://www.timhiggins.com/support/linksys_router_help.htm

04-28-00, 10:05 AM
i never ran a half life server but with unreal tournament i placed the ip of the server in the dmz (as iambsona suggested) or i forwarded the required ports. both were done in the advanced options.

please inform us about your success with this. i returned my linksys because i could not get a stable server running - i.e. external players would lose connection after about 5 minutes of play. another person (monty) had similar problems related specifically to half-life. you might want to search for his posts.

good luck,

04-28-00, 05:52 PM
HERE (http://www.intel.com)

04-28-00, 11:01 PM
Setting up a server is easy. Just forward port 27015 to the host (doesn't need to be in the DMZ). You'll find that clients will get booted with "illegible server message" after a short period. Happens with either Windows or Linux. For this reason, my server has its own IP address (not going through the router).