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04-26-00, 01:24 AM
Hi, I'm using Sympatico High Speed Edition ADSL service and I have a home network. I was wondering if more than one computer can play the same net game at a time without purchasing extra ip addresses from my ISP. For example, some games need and IP and i need a different IP for each computer on my lan, is there a way i can do that by software and/or hardware? THANX!!

04-26-00, 01:31 AM
I'm sorry but I need to move this over to the online-gaming forum. This will be closed but it's clone will live on there.

Yes and No to answer your question. Q3 use to work for me and many people. It still does BUT NOW - I can't play two home systems on the SAME Q3 online game at the same time. I can put multiple systems on different Q3 games at the same time though - as long as they are all different net games.

UT - no problem. You and (2,3, 10 whatever) systems on you 1 shared IP can all play in the same UT game on-line at the same time.

04-26-00, 01:45 AM
Thanks for the quick response! I also have that specific problem with the same game Q3 on a same internet game. So it is no possible for more than 1 computer on my network to play the same internet game ie Q3 at the same time unless i purchase extra ip addresses? (no software/hardware can be used to get around this?)

04-27-00, 10:52 PM
Ah, the great part of having Sympatico is not having to buy extra IP addresses, you can log in multiple times, up to 3 times when plugging in the same modem. Just buy a hub/switch, connect the modem to it, as well as the other computers on your network. The bad part of this is you have to buy extra network cards. One network card for your Sympatico hub, and the other one for your home network. Try not to bind the Sympatico adapter to file or network sharing or microsoft networks since it will slow down your network because it will go through the Sympatico hub and modem. Once this is all set just install the Sympatico software (+patches for 98SE) and get going. All PC's logged on will get their own IP addresses since it is DHCP.