View Full Version : general gamming ? what is this?

wilkie d
04-26-00, 12:02 AM
when im playing a game my pings are 80's but im skippin like a lil bitch, my sound stuters and my movement also . it seems to happen when alot of **** is going on, ie explosions ,ect. is there any settings to make it better or do i need more ram memory? i cant take it anymore ive been playing like this for to damn long, i dont think its lag cuz it seems consitant and no one else is having the same problems in the game.i reinstalled my game, i have a dell p3 550 w/128 mg of ram what cha think?


04-26-00, 12:15 AM
Sounds like a video problem to me. What kind of video card do you use?

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04-26-00, 01:16 AM
yeah - needs to be moved over there.

Is this ONLY happening when you are playing online?

04-26-00, 04:38 PM
yeap... I've had that problem before on my ol 233 64mbram viper 550 card
once I upgrade it to
p3 600 128mbram and geforce.. I run it at high res adn I dont see a thing stutter..
upgrade the ram and video card... but if u have to choose one.... I'd say vdo card..but ram is pretty cheap too..

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wilkie d
04-26-00, 11:20 PM
well i have a tnt diamond viper 550 agp, i know its getting old. but whats the hot card now? and i havent played single player games in along time so ,to answer you mc yes it is when im online but i have seen it before when playing hl, mmmm iz that video. thanks felllas