View Full Version : Problems connecting peer to peer for gaming over DSL

04-21-00, 01:59 AM
can't connect to a friend who is on Bell HSE here in montreal in NFS5. can ping his ip, can send him files using ICQ, but when we try to connect in NFS, the IP that is bound to is the "Autoconfiguration IP address", which is something like 169.254.x.x. when i try to connect to his ip (216.209.x.x) the connection times out.... both using winpoet, me 98se him 2000.... any ideas what's goin on here?

04-23-00, 07:52 PM
do any of you have a firewall?
if you do....turn it off......and are you provided with dynamic ips or static ips?

04-24-00, 11:05 PM
no we both don't have a firewall setup.......and we get dynamic ip's each time we boot......still can't figure this out....maybe it is a bell problem......ugh, so annoying....

04-24-00, 11:17 PM
Hey arfy,

I was up in Montreal over Easter. Went to Extreme and 727. Good fun.

Anyhow, have you tried playing this game with anyone else? How does the game communicate, ie: Server<>Client, or Client<>Client..? And, is it TCP/IP compatible, or does it emulate IPX over TCP/IP and need an interface like KALI?

I hate network gaming and all the problems finding and logging onto servers, so I'm glad that all the FPS that I love are on Gamespy.