View Full Version : why oh why...? (different pings in all games..)

04-19-00, 08:16 AM
hey there,

i've got 128/128 SDSL (yes..i know...a sucky speed, but you can't get more here in switzerland w/o paying f'cking much...)

when I ping my local server from the command line I get like 22 to 40 ms..but in the different games I get like 50 up to 150 ms. Why that?

Another thing...what I really hate: sometimes, when my download starts I have like 80 KB/s...the router stops working...and after 2 seconds i'm done to 50 KB/s...and after some more time i'm at my 12-15 KB/s...and it downloads nicely without a stop (damn, i hate that cap http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif)

cya & thx