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11-06-11, 12:31 AM
I've had Comcast for ages but to save money I am trying out DSL with Century Link/Qwest. The transition hasn't been easy, with multiple encounters with customer service. It is stable now, but there have been some weird side effects. I wanted to put up a rough chronicle to see if any of you can explain the why of some of these things, and maybe make some suggestions.

My Comcast was speed testing around 20Mbs before the switch. CL/Q initially set me up with 1.5Mbs which, predictably, didn't go well. Now it's at 7Mbs, the fastest they offer. The house runs Mac's, and at first we all were getting kicked off, repeatedly having to renter the password, and downloads were being aborted. The security setting was then changed from WPA2 to WEP, although I now see it has switched to WPA. The router for Comcast was also still live, so at that time it was disconnected with the theory that the two signals were competing. This stabilized the DSL so that the computers weren't being kicked off. I am not convinced that the house is going to tolerate the reduced speed.

There are some mysteries… ever since the switch I have found that Chrome can barely load a page before it crashes. I don't understand what difference the isp should make to a browser. Any explanations or suggestions? It was fine before so I wanted to go back to test it out on Comcast to see if it had changed, but if I swap the routers Comcast is broken. The Qwest techs say they haven't done anything to interfere with Comcast. My wireless can see the other network but even is I reset the modem there is no connection. I am trying to avoid resetting the Linksys router to Comcast—is this going to have to be my next step? I would rather be sure that Qwest isn't going to work before messing with it, but I would really like to know why Chrome doesn't like the DSL!

Any suggestions or explanations would be welcome. thanks

11-09-11, 02:21 PM
Hey catwingz, this is B with the CenturyLink Help Team. I'm not certain why your Chrome browser would be giving you issues, and crash out like that. If you would like us to take a look at your DSL line for issues, and troubleshoot issues with Chrome, e-mail us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com. We'll be happy to help out.


CenturyLink Help Team