View Full Version : Local access to network resources using the Cisco VPN client

10-20-11, 01:20 PM
We are trying access our LAN resources on our file server using the Cisco VPN client v5.0.6.0110 on the following subnet 192.168.255.x. The server is on 192.168.255.x as well, the client is receiving a IP address on the 192.168.254.x subnet.
There is a route setup for with SM
Local LAN is "disabled.
The client can ping the server and connect to it using RDP. However, the server cannot ping back to the workstation.
Under "Bytes" were are NOT getting any RECEIVED bytes ONLY getting SENT Bytes

If we change it so that the client will get an IP address on the same subnet 192.168.255.x it is unable to ping or RDP to the server on the same subnet.
We are able to ping outside to "google.ca" for instance
Under "Bytes" were are are getting RECEIVED bytes and getting SENT Bytes

Any thoughts on why this is not working? Any help is greatly appreciated...thank-you in advance...