View Full Version : WNR3500L Xbox live lag and PC gaming.

08-28-11, 01:49 PM

I am looking for some help improving my home network. I am using the Netgear 3500L with the latest firmware from Netgear. I also have a Comtrend CT-5072t DSL modem provided by my ISP. I have a 7.1mb/768kb DSL connection from Verizon. I have checked the modem stats. Everything is good there. I am connecting at the full bit rate of 7840/864. I also had them switch me to fast path. I have the modem configured properly for bridge mode. I have a desktop, laptop, Xbox 360, and my Dish Network DVR connected. When I run a speed test on my PC with none of the other devices on everything looks good. I get speed of about 6.8/.73. My latency to the closest test location is around 20ms. The problem I am facing is when the devices are all in use the latency shoots up, and I start experiencing lag on the Xbox 360. I also get this same lag when gaming on my PC. I am wondering if I should completely disconnect the Dish Network DVR to save some bandwidth there? It is only used occasionally to download movies. However, I can use Netflix on the Xbox 360. What can I do to help with this lag problem? Should I setup the QoS on the WNR3500L? If so how should I setup the rules? It is currently disabled. When I click on it there are a lot of rules added by Netgear automatically. Should I keep these rules? Thanks in advance fellas.


PS. I have included a screenshot of the default Netgear rules.