View Full Version : i want to buy a new router need help advice

07-20-11, 01:50 AM
i want to buy a new router

witch is better and why ?

d link dsr-1000


draytek vigor 2955

i need a router with out wirless

can i connect to the router in the futre a ap or i need a wirless router for that ?

is there a big difrent btwin lan 10/100 and 10/100/1000 ?

11-04-11, 06:24 AM
What needs do you have? The models you listed are smb models....they have VPN features.
If its just for a home, you can pickup any wireless router...disable the wireless if you don't need it...and then enable it down the road when you're ready for it.
Having gigabit ports on the LAN switch enable you to do transfers from computer to computer on your local network faster. They don't have any impact on your internet speed.....unless you have an internet connection from your ISP above 100 megs, and the WAN port of your router is also gigabit, and the router itself is capable of routing at over 100 megs.