View Full Version : Billion 7700N wireless coverage

07-14-11, 05:51 PM
I just bought Billion 7700N to replace my old Billion 5100W. Given that 7700N is compliance with 802.11n while 5100W was 802.11g, I was hoping that it will improve the wireless coverage in my house. But it turned out that they perform just the same in terms of coverage.

In places where I got two bars out of 5100W I get the same out of 7700N. Should this be expected? Please help. Thank you.

07-15-11, 11:03 AM
Peoples experiences vary. N and some models that use 3 antennas to shoot it out MIMO style tend to have better range, while some other basic N units have little or no advantage with range. I've done some wireless setups where going to N has improved the range. I've done some where it's barely improved the range, if at all. Also it depends on the construction of your house, the setup of it, other factors like interference from other devices, crowded channels from neighbors wireless, etc etc.

Nothing is concrete with wireless.