View Full Version : MTU Tweaking for IPAD2 , for ADSL Internet

06-19-11, 03:35 AM

I have ADSL Modem UTStarcom WA3002-G1 Provided by my service provided BSNL. This is a wi-fi ADSL router. I had tweaked my laptop MTU Settings using Dr TCP, as many of the sites were not working . I had tweaked the MTU size of my laptop to 1426.

Recently I got my iPad2, & i had the similar problem. I can not browse many of the internet sites, or download apps. I replaced my ADSL modem/router with a friends one. Now i could connect to all the sites & applications. I ran speedguide.net TCP/IP analyser tool & i found that, ipad had negotiated for 1460MTU & 1420MSS.

Now on my router, I tried changing the MTU to 1460 & to MSS to 1420. But when i ran TCP/IP Analyser tool, it displays MTU as 1482 & MSS as 1442. Irrespective of changing the MTU value apart fom 1500 in my router, according to my analyser it negotiates best to MTU of 1482.

Is there any way, i can set this up value to 1460 so that i can use my iPad2. I tried owning the friends router, but when i try connecting to VPN via laptop thorugh other modem it doesnt connects at all.

It would be weird to have two ADSL routers & keep switching between depending on what i want to do.

Can any one please help me here?

09-04-11, 03:24 AM
you shouldnt have to mess with any of that stuff. does your isp have tech support? because thats who you need to ask.

I would get rid of that tcp ip analyser tool.. if you cant get to some web sites you should try using a different DNS server.

if you really hate the modem set it to bridge mode and buy a new one. I got a fonera 2n it works great.