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06-07-11, 06:11 PM
Hi All, Just found your forum today and joined.

We have four computers, each with wireless cards.

1. Dad eMachine Desktop XP-Home
2. Mom eMachine Desktop XP-Home
3. Mom Laptop Dell Laptop Vista
4. Toshiba Toshiba Laptop Vista

(1)From Dad I can access Mom and view all files. However, I can only view "generic/default" directories on both laptops and if any files are there they are only "generic/default" files.

(2)From MOM, nothing can be accessed. She sees the icons, but gets an "access denied" to everything.

Something that always comes up at the bottom of the error message is: "Not enough server storage to process this command".

(3)From Mom-Laptop she can access Mom desktop files, but only public ones.

(4)From Toshiba I can access MOM (desktop) and access the files.
I can see the icons for MOM-Laptop, but can only open the "public
users" icon.
I can see the icons on DAD but cannot access anything. Same

It's probably something very simple........or very complicated. I don't
know the difference <smile>.

I might add that we access the internet via an air card plugged into a CTR-350 Cradlepoint.

Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

Jim, in the Deserts of NM

09-04-11, 04:03 AM
well what you have to do is make sure the folders you want shared have sharing enabled. right click>properties>check share box. if i where you I would have them all running the same version of windows too.

Im not sure what you want or need to do, but I would recommend having only one 'sever' that the other computers connect too. maybe a NAS(network attached storage) if you have the money. this could also act as a backup (think apple's time capsule).