View Full Version : my access point not recognized any more

05-27-11, 07:12 AM
Hello to all, (and please forgive my bad english)
I installed(settled) and configured a WiFi network based on a PA D-Link and WiFi dongle usb on each of my pc. I am anxious to say that everything perfectly worked during some years... Yesterday my network in stopped working...
I proceeded to all the possible and conceivable checks, I even made a reset of my D-Link and reconfiguré again (via a cable ethernet)... But without result(profit)!!!
What I understand not it is that it cannot come from a failure of the point of seen access that he(it) is perfectly present in my utility of connection Ralink as well as in WiFi Xirrus to inspector! The thing(trick) it is because any connection is impossible!!!
As it concerns several PC, I suppose that it comes from the point common to the reseau to know D-Link without as I said it he(it) seem to work correctly...
I admit to be short of idea!!!
Thank you for your help(assistant)

09-04-11, 04:16 AM
I had a d-link . what a piece of junk.

make sure you do a hard reset. UNPLUG the d-link router for like 20 seconds. plug back in.

beyond that idk. your english is kind of hard to read.