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05-18-11, 10:31 PM
My last promo has ended and a rep told me i am eligible for 6mb elite package so i got that instead of the 3mb, because my last promo was 3mb. they said i will get to 6mb within 24-48 hours and it been 5 days and my speed stay at 4.1mb. anyway to max it out?

Cael Thunderwing
08-13-11, 03:24 PM
if your on a router behind the U-verse Gateway. expect loss of speed.. i dont know if the tradiotonal "Bandwith Loss" when you use a Router applies to the U-Verse Residental Gateway. as i only had the service myself for a month before i had to move. (and quite frankly im paying less (67$ a month prorated for phone and Net uncapped w/ WideOpenWest)

but never expect Rated speeds. further away you are from thier distrubtion centers les syou get.. Uverse Is still a DSL product afterall.

01-28-12, 01:43 AM
If you were getting 3M before then you'll just have to keep calling tech support and hopefully after a couple of calls and hours of being on the phone with their screen readers (first level support) the'll finally pass you to a 2nd level tech support who will send the right code to your modem to enable it for the higher speed. This happened to me with ATT when I went from 3M to 6M. The level 1 tech support cant or don't know how to do this. Even if they say they did they probably just sent a reset code to your modem and not the right thing. Talk to a 2nd level tech, it took me 2 days of calling with them telling me just wait a couple of hours. But once they sent the right code it was instant.

04-09-12, 04:24 PM
I dont get here allot not like the Early days.
We have AT&T business Uverse.. one has the normal 2wire without static IP and the other with 8 static IP's
Simply said You need to loggin to the two wire if you gonna use a router behind it and enable DMZ plus to that router
You should also add the Google public IP's and openDNS IP addys to the router behind the two wire.

After your done with both of the settings
Reboot the U-verse and wait a couple minutes and rteboot your home router.. Youy should have a big difference.

If they hadnt got around to upgrading your connection yet.. Call tell them you were signed up for the added speed
6Mb runs at about 5.5Mb when setup properly with almost 1Mb upload at least it has for us..
If you have a iNID outside router. I know for possitive there having some minor problems "getting in" to help on the routing..

I know this is a old thread but its also one that comes up first in a search on U-verse. and thought this might be helpfull


04-19-12, 01:12 PM
If you are still having problems with this let me know, and thanks