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05-15-11, 09:02 PM
I have a Dlink dir 625 connected to my ISP modem.
I have 2 computers connected to the Dlink, one wired and one wireless.

My problem is that OVERNIGHT the router seems so lose a lot of information causing my browser pages to stop loading, or giving me lag spikes when I play online games. I also have to try to connect multiple times before the connection "get throught" and I can log in battle.net for exemple.
Same thing for my PS3, I must try to connect multiple times, and I'm having lag playing with people i've never lagged before.

I've updated all the firmwares and drivers for the router and my NIC, system restored to a point before the problem started.
I've try desabling the firewall of the router, forwarding ports, changing from 802.11 a b g n.

This Router is old, but I've never had problem with it before, I wouldnt mind buying a new one but if there is a fix to this that doesnt cost $$$ I'll gladly take it.

I know I must run the Argonne National laboratory tool but for some reason I can't copy the statistics to paste them here, any tip on that first =/ ??

EDIT: I've run the test tool Wireless, Wired to my router and Wired to the ISP router and I seem to have about the same amount of packet queuing/problems, but the damn too won't let me copy results!!

ps. sorry for my english, I speak french.

update : could it be a duplex mismatch problem? since When I test ping I get good results but when I try larget data transfer like streaming or playing games I get problems?

edit : I also noticed the lags usually start gradually, If I log on World of warcraft the first couple of minutes I get good world ping, then it starts to go up.

05-18-11, 07:07 AM
You can close this thread, I've open a new one in the right section with my diagnotic tools results