View Full Version : map my laptop to my network

05-09-11, 04:33 PM
I had someone come to my home originally to set up my network (tower, wireless router, modem and 2 printers and 1 laptop. The laptop shared the internet connection and the 2 printers and one folder on the tower.). The laptop had to have its hard drive reformatted so now I need to have the laptop remapped to the network. At least those are the words the computer store guys use. Rather than pay the fairly high price to have a technician come here again to map it, can I do it myself? I run windows XP on both the tower and the laptop. By the way, I will need instructions that are as jargon free as possible. Thank you.

09-04-11, 04:37 AM
basically what you need to do is :
1 turn on sharing on the laptop. make sure all the folders you want shared are.
2 go to "my computer" on the other computer. there there should be a button that says 'map network drive' sorry i have windows7 . maybe different. OR you can right click on the background of my computer and hit "add network location" this is a little different then a mapped drive but itill work.
3 put the laptop's ip in the address box. i think you have to enter it like \\smb:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or something.

4 google "how to set up a windows server" (for laptop) then "how to map a network drive".