View Full Version : CD-Rom locks up when i try to play games that need their CD

04-13-00, 08:12 PM
i have 2 cd readers in my computer..
an ATAPI 40X Cd rom,
and an SCSI 4x CD-R
for no reason (my Main CD Rom, the Atapi 40x) , recently, it has started locking up while trying to read a cd..
(im pretty sure it doesnt matter what cd it is)
but its more prone to happen with game cd's.. (havnt had it happen with a music cd)
and it doesnt happen if i use my burner..
i had this problem a while ago, but it was because i had turned off Sync data transfer as a test for something...
and i have sync data transfer turned on right now....
so i dont know why it would do this...
has anyone heard of this?
it either tries reading the CD, then my CPU light goes solid red and does nothing...
(in which case i have to reboot, because i cant use the cd rom anymore.. it just doesnt read it from then on)
or it locks up my computer while trying to read the cd...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

p2 400
64 SD ram
Asus p2-99 mobo with intel zx400 chipset
40x CD rom
disk drive
adaptec SCSI card (4x8 SCSI Burner)
Realtek Ethernet card (cable modem)
D-Link ethernet card (link to other comp)
Sound Blaster Live! Value card
Voodoo 3 2000 AGP card (NOT OVERCLOCKED)
10 Gig Quantum FIREBALL CX HD

04-14-00, 10:20 AM
Try replacing the ide cable.