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04-12-00, 08:32 PM
woah... I download at around 700 kbps
and the down max is 900 kbps
but guess what my up stream max is
yes.. 120 kbps... I mean wha?!?
I get 100+ pings or 200 so pings in all the servers... could that be becasue my upload is not good enuff?

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04-14-00, 10:41 PM
Hmmm....you may want to use a utility program to traceroute these "100-200 ping" servers and find out how many hops your seeing. I'm usin 128K/1.5MB ADSL and I still see pings from 30-100ms on hop counts of 9-15. Could it be that living in "The Great White North" has some drawbacks?? :P

04-15-00, 10:21 AM
I got around 16 hops or so... and not much packet loss anywyas... but whyyyy
do I need a better upload speeed?
the great white north is goooooood

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04-16-00, 04:57 PM
Whats your physical distance in feet from CO?
I've lived in 2 places...one was 12000 ft away, and now I'm only 3200 ft away...pings average 20-40ms lower or more now than before..not the huge numbers your seeing but there was a difference anyhow....

04-18-00, 12:33 AM
if it's possible I'd live in the CO but I cant...
I dont know but I do think that I'm at the perimeter of their service...
soooo I think... that's why
ahh I should move..

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04-18-00, 01:41 AM
Hmm quick observation--
Ping (latency) has pratically nothing to do with bandwidth.
A friend with 64k ISDN (7K/sec) can ping most servers at 50-100ms.
DSL can range from extremely low (7ms range) to extremely high (GTE Internet here routes bad, and 300ms pings are the minimum )
Learn to use tools like NeoTrace or VisualRoute...

04-18-00, 06:17 PM
ahh ahh.. can u provide the links to the two programs? and just say a lil bit bout waht it does other than tracing how many hops and stuff

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04-18-00, 08:59 PM
www.visualroute.com (http://www.visualroute.com)

Its the one I like and use