View Full Version : Need help with ping

04-08-00, 12:18 PM
I have no problem while I'm downloading files or anything, but whenever I try to play a game like half-life my ping is extremely high, around 200+ all the time, which is around what people with 56k modems have. Anyone have any idea how I can speed it up?

04-09-00, 03:28 PM
This is Kinda a tough one. some of the reg tweaky / speed patches Might be good for dling stuff but not good for game ping.. Get a progroam that let's you change your setting's manually and try differant combo's of #'s (Mtu setting's ect) there are a couple of program's that let you try differant pre-set combo's of #'s.. I think 'iSpeed' is one. ( the tweak's section, here; tell's you how to change setting's yourself w/out a patch ) anyhow.. write down what your getting now.. time of day ect. try differant patches, Or a tweak re-test your ping. do you have xDSL or Cable modem? You can DL "neoTrace" at http://www.neoworx.com . and see where your 'Bottlenecks' are. And I agree 200 ping is too high, anything less than being a(n) LPB, just will not do....